University of Exeter

World-class research with excellent student satisfaction

The University of Exeter combines world-class research with excellent student satisfaction, from their campuses in the South West of England, in Exeter and Cornwall. The University’s success is built on a strong partnership with their students and a clear focus on high performance.

The University has over 25,000 students from 130 countries and over 125,000 alumni in 183 countries providing its academic community of staff, students and visiting researchers with a truly global experience and a diverse, inclusive environment. The University’s strategic partnerships across the world bring together leading academics and the resources of outstanding universities to deliver transformative impact in key global challenges such as global sustainability and wellbeing.

The School of Education

The roots of the School of Education predate those of the University itself, and as such it has over 165 years of experience in Education. The School offers a wide range of Teacher Training and postgraduate programmes, and is recognised as one of the top Education research schools in the UK. The School’s vision of education values learning in its broadest sense as an interdisciplinary, personal, social, professional and lifelong endeavour.

Staff within the School of Education are committed to excellent teaching and research within a scholarly, diverse, creative and safe environment. They seek to challenge existing thinking and orthodoxies in the field of education by stimulating debate and advancing both educational knowledge and practices via the interplay of theory, research, policy and practice.

Located on the historic and beautiful St Luke’s Campus, the School of Education provides excellent support for its students. This ideal setting is within easy walking distance of both the city centre and the University’s Streatham Campus, where students are encouraged to make use of the additional facilities available to them.