Interactive Map of STEAM Practices

This map showcases educational projects and activities that blend science with arts and creativity (STEAM approach). It features both past and ongoing initiatives collected by Road-STEAMer, covering everything from primary school activities to university courses.

How to navigate the map

The map’s different layers identify the prominent partner taking part in the STE(A)M activity (e.g., schools., universities, businesses, or others).
Map’s colours give details on what level the STE(A)M activity took place (local, national, international). Black is for projects that ended:

Local Level
National Level
European Level
Old Projects

Pins’ symbols provide an idea on the content of the activity in question.
This is a live map that will be updated as we discover new STEAM practices. If you would like your STEAM activity to be featured, please fill out the survey!

**Some projects have been analysed using the criteria identified by Road-STEAMer, with their profiles (radar charts) available in the second photo of the activity. The spider diagram is only provided for practices that have been thoroughly analyzed by the project