The Road-STEAMer toolbox incorporates elements from all the results of the project, including, gained learnings and experiences, evaluation findings and policy recommendations. There is an emphasis on quick access to our results with touch of graphically engaging content. This modular set of materials allows different members of the stakeholder community to find a wealth of content, as well as inspirational best practices and success stories that may use to embark on new or enrich existing science education activities.

Some elements from the results

Gained learnings

The originality of Road-STEAMer resides in its overall approach to the development of the STEAM roadmap that will triangulate the knowledge gained from the stakeholder engagement and the analysis of the STEAM practices with the knowledge produced from the study of the current educational policies, contexts and frameworks.

Evaluation findings

Types and trends of successful STEAM practices that connect secondary and tertiary education will be identified and systematized. Existing STEAM projects with a European perspective will be reviewed to define the best evaluation framework to be adopted. Action research and participatory research activities will be performed on a subset of open schooling/open science activities to nourish and complete the survey with ad hoc observations.

Policy recommendations

Road STEAMer will use the accumulated evidence and shared understandings to produce policy recommendations addressed to stakeholders at the local, national and EU level, including specific suggestions for the support of the introduction of STEAM through future Horizon Europe actions. Specific and measurable suggestions will be made on how the identified policy gaps can be redressed by international policy makers, such as the European Commission, or local policy makers in the countries participating in the project and beyond, including specific actions for audiences and communities at risk, and a preliminary risk analysis on their deployment and results.