OS Together

OS Together is a unique bottom-up movement consisting of 16 EU-funded projects in Open Schooling, with 191 organisations involved.

A vision for open schooling

Road-STEAMer is a proud member of the Open Schooling Together Network.

The network is a collective initiative that has embarked on a journey to form lasting synergies, have knowledge, results, tools, etc., produced in the context of open schooling projects meaningfully implemented in new settings (beyond those working on them) and offer insights on a transformative educational approach that transcends traditional boundaries. Encompassing schools, local communities, policymakers, museums, science centres, and various local stakeholders, OS Together strives to unravel the potential of open STEAM education, innovation, while addressing societal challenges relating to STEAM themes.

The OS Together Network has crafted shared conduits to raise awareness about the boundless possibilities within open schooling. It has meticulously constructed pathways to convey insights into diverse methodologies and tools in the field.

The network’s endeavours extend far beyond the realm of theoretical discourse. It generously disseminates an assortment of invaluable resources, ranging from guidelines to exemplar best practices, all the way to documented research outcomes. These offerings are made readily accessible through an array of channels, including Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, the pulse of the network reverberates through the Open Schooling Together e-newsletter, that chronicles upcoming events and news and offers insights into the latest knowledge in the field. It currently reaches more than 600 stakeholders.

The OS together network meets bi-monthly to update on results, potential synergies, new events and further advancement of the open schooling agenda.