OStogether newsletter #14


Published on:

September 7, 2023



In the latest issue of OStogether discover great dissemination projects, witness Open Schooling in action, and find inspiring resources to kickstart your implementation of Open Schooling and Living Labs principles. Fill out the Road-STEAMer survey and explore the Schools as Living Labs booth! Read Open Schooling success stories from Sweden and Cyprus and discover valuable resources, including the SLEs methodology, MOST pedagogical guidelines, SALL portal, and much more!


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In November 2023, Road-STEAMer proudly led the OStogether newsletter! Dive into our latest updates, featuring compelling content such as our Infographic and Policy Brief, the Open Schooling Policy Brief, and captivating stories from Malta, Germany, Greece, Poland, courtesy of projects Road-STEAMer, MULTIPLIERS, CONNECT, and Make it Open!
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The University of Malta set up a STEAM Clinic – transforming the STEM subjects into engaging STEAM activities. The workshop was later showcased at Malta’s Science in the City Festival.
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