Road-STEAM at the OTTER project final event

In February 2024, Road-STEAMer contributed to the discussions at the the OTTER project's final event in Brussels, fostering collaborative innovation on STEAM education.

Published on:

February 20, 2024



Road-STEAMer had the honor of participating in the excellent OTTER project’s final event held in Brussels. The OTTER project, dedicated to exploring Education outside the Classroom (EoC), provided an exceptional platform for us to showcase our contributions to the realm of STEAM education.

Our involvement was multifaceted: we presented an illuminating poster detailing our research on the essential STEAM criteria, offering valuable insights into the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics into educational practices. Furthermore, we facilitated an engaging workshop, showcasing real-life STEAM practices as exemplary use cases, exploring the tangible impact of integrating interdisciplinary learning approaches.

One of the highlights of our participation was the opportunity to partake in a dynamic panel discussion centered around informal and non-formal learning and their pivotal roles in nurturing 21st-century skills. It was an enriching exchange of ideas and perspectives, emphasizing the importance of innovative educational methods in preparing students for the challenges ahead.

Moreover, our time at the event allowed us to connect with passionate educators from diverse corners of Europe, who, like us, are dedicated to implementing innovative activities in their classrooms. These interactions provided invaluable networking opportunities and fostered the exchange of best practices, further enriching our collective mission to improve education.

In summary, our experience at the OTTER project’s final event was not only informative and enriching but also underscored the vital importance of collaborative efforts in advancing educational practices. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and collaboration in the realm of STEAM education, inspired by the insights gained and connections forged during this impactful event.

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