Road-STEAMer in Science in The City Festival


Published on:

November 10, 2023



Road-STEAMer took part at the end of September in Science in The City—Malta’s Science and Arts festival, which is part of European Researchers’ Night, an EU-Wide Celebration. The Road-STEAMer University of Malta team met with various different citizen groups from teens to families with an Astronomy themed STEAM event at the street festival. In this event, participants did 4 consecutive activities all tied together with a storyline to enhance their learning experience. The activity aimed to raise awareness on Astronomy by combining science and creativity, as well as empower children as the new changemakers in their community, increasing the number of students opting for STEAM careers.

Science in the City has several performances, workshops and street stands that showcased a range of research projects and encouraged people to take an interest in STEM/STEAM subjects and careers. As the street festival, it hosted  over 30.000 local and international participants. It provided a unique platform for the community, scientists, researchers, artists and performers to engage with one another with the aim to advocate for positive change through active citizenship and critical thinking. The festival celebrates the creativity and innovation of artists and scientists and presents how their work continues to improve our everyday lives. Science in the City is co-funded by the European Commission’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions of the Horizon Europe Research And Innovation Programme (Grant Agreement No 101061120) and is recognised by Europe for festivals and festivals for Europe (EFFE).

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