Round up of Road-STEAMer meeting and co-creation workshop in Malta


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June 23, 2023



After two days of inspiring collaboration with our Road-STEAMer project partners, the workshop “Creating STEAMwaves: Artistic Approaches and Best Practices for Youth Engagement” took centre stage, bringing local STEAM educators, teachers, and practitioners together to explore innovative and artistic approaches to STEAM education.
During the consortium meetings held prior to the workshop, partners engaged in intensive discussions, shared updates and charted the course for our collective vision in developing a STEAM roadmap for science education in Horizon Europe.
A trip to the Gzira Primary School provided inspiring insights into the Varcities interventions performed in Gzira – sets of nature-based actions aiming to improve the health and well-being of its residents and students.
Our Co-Creation workshop acted as the grand finale of our gathering, with STEAM experts Dr Stephanos Cherouvis, Dr Vanessa Camilleri, and Annalisa Addis talking about their experiences running STEAM projects using artistic and other approaches. Their valuable insights and best practices set the stage for engaging discussions and group activities with our participants.
A big “Thank You” to all people involved in these exciting two days

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