Developing a STEAM roadmap for science education in Horizon Europe

Road-STEAMer attempts to develop a STEAM Roadmap for Science Education in Horizon Europe and in educational policy across the continent.

What is STEAM

STEM education is a teaching practice challenging the view that science, technology, engineering and mathematics are detached disciplines that require unique and context-sensitive methodologies and content.

Instead, it asserts that they need to be treated holistically, as a unique field of both research and application in the classroom.STEM’s latest version attempts to incorporate the arts (STEAM), with an aim to transform its teaching to a more attractive and impactful exercise.Modern STEAM approaches also integrate problem-solving and inquiry-based learning, developing both hard and soft capabilities, as properly developed in the framework of 21st Century skills.






What matters to Road STEAMer

To deliver its objectives, Road-STEAMer, is carefully analysing the conceptual landscape and is devising an approach that consists of selected, well-integrated coordination and support measures.

What, why, how

STEM subjects often are regarded as stressful, sometimes even producing anxiety to students. The latter comprises feelings of tension and discomfort that might prevent a student from using their entire potential and could cause negative attitudes towards science.

Co-creating a STEAM roadmap

Road-STEAMer aims to capitalize on:

  • the lessons learnt from the numerous EU-funded initiatives,
  • the national science education reform efforts
  • the trends in science education research, to develop a roadmap for supporting the effective integration of STEAM in science education practices at the European level.

Bridging open science
with open schooling

Road-STEAMer also strategically chooses to focus on ways to leverage the power of STEAM approaches in science education in order to enable a bridging of open science and open schooling practices.

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May 17, 2024
Have a look at our second infographic on the Road-STEAMer conceptual framework! Based on a comprehensive analysis of the ways STEAM Education has been conceptualised, we have identified four theoretical approaches! Find out more.
June 20, 2024
During the 2024 Ecsite Annual Conference, a group of projects from the OStogether network hosted a session on the potential of open schooling. The session was featured by an introduction to the STEAM criteria identified by Road-STEAMer.

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Road STEAMer

Road-STEAMer attempts to develop a STEAM Roadmap for Science Education in Horizon Europe and in educational policy across the continent.